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Good connection. If you have any questions or ideas, want to obtain an intensive consultation, or have lost your card, simply give us a call.

Sparkasse Aachen - Headquarters Phone: 0241 / 444 5000
Fax: 0241 / 444 2270
Online banking hotline Phone: 01805 12345
Loss of SparkassenCard, MasterCard, Visa card and blocking the online banking Phone: 116 116 (free)

Availability from abroad: Country code for Germany complemented by the blocking emergency phone number (e.g. +49 116 116)*

You will find further information at
The rates specified are applicable to calls from the German landline. When calling from mobile networks, the rate is max 0.42 Euro/min.

*Calls from abroad are subject to fees. The amount of costs depends on the prices of the respective foreign provider/network operator.
Technical Support
0241 / 444 6666

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