Sparkasse Aachen

Online user instructions (Glossary)

The following information might be helpful:

  • General / Login

    Please enter the following to log-in:

    - Your login name (or your legitimation ID) and
    - Your personal identification number (PIN)

    Please click "Login".

    Your data are being checked. If the data correspond to those saved for you in the system, you will be forwarded to the homepage.

    Login name
    In the menu item "Service", "Login name" you can create, modify and delete your own login name.
    If the login name has been deleted, you can only log-in using the legitimation ID.

    Possible error messages during login

    - Please enter a PIN.
    You only entered the login name. Please enter your login name or legitimation ID and the PIN again.

    - Please enter login name or legitimisation ID.
    You only entered the PIN. Please enter your login name or legitimation ID and the PIN again.

    - Login name/legitimation ID or PIN is incorrect.
    You entered a wrong login name or legitimation ID or the PIN is incorrect. Please check the data and enter the same in a correct manner.

    - The login was not successful. Please try again later.
    Online banking is unavailable for a short period of time. Please wait a moment. Please reload the login page and repeat the login procedure.

    - Cancel the PIN block.
    You entered the incorrect PIN three consecutive times. For your own safety a preliminary PIN block has been generated. You can undo this block yourself. Enter your correct valid PIN and a valid TAN.
    If you enter the incorrect PIN again, your account will be blocked for reasons of safety. In order to release this final block you will have to contact your savings bank.

    The following blocks can only be undone by your savings bank. For this, please contact your savings bank.

    - Your account has been blocked - Please inform a customer advisor.
    "Releasing the PIN block" was unsuccessful respectively the incorrect TAN was used three (3) times

    - The login name is blocked.
    Your access data (login name or legitimation ID and PIN) do not entitle you to online banking with your savings bank.